Thursday, September 29, 2005

Remake me a sandwich, woman!

I love Resident Evil. I'm a huge fan of the series. Especially Resident Evil 4 and the Resident Evil remake for the cube. But I've yet to play the original Resident Evil on the PlayStation.

That is why I'm happy to hear they are porting the original version to the Nintendo DS, called Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. Well, porting isn't the right word, as they are adding new elements to the game utilizing the touch screen. Like the ability to slash away at your zombie opponents with a knife, and new puzzle interfaces. But overall, it'll be practically the same game.

It is my dream that Capcom will continually remake the original Resident Evil game over and over as console technology gets better. Why? Because I love haunted houses. The Resident Evil mansion is by far my favorite. Even over the one in Disneyland.

The game could be extended in many ways. For example, being able to play other characters from the story, seeing the story unfold from their point of view. Like Rebbecca Chambers, Barry Burton or Albert Wesker. There could even be an Ada Wong adventure, as we know she was involved with mansion at some point because of the x-ray puzzle in the laboratory. Game play could go through some upgrades as well. I'd love to play RE1 using the RE4 control scheme. I'd also like to play the game as a first person shooter or as a first person adventure. I wonder how they could take advantage of the Revolution controller.


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