Saturday, September 17, 2005

What others are saying about the Revolution

I found this editorial, Why Nintendo Gets It, or Why Sony Should Start Trying by Shawn Rider, while doing a search for "Nintendo." I like the way this writer thinks: "Compared to the Revolution, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are simply expensive upgrades to existing platforms."

Reading through various forums on the net, I've noticed numerous people have had similar reactions to the device. First they hate it, then after reading more about the wand and hearing what the folks with hands-on experience have to say, they become much more positive. This pattern is summed up nicely in the revolution has been televised by Jeremy Parish. "Reading back over the official explanation of the reasoning behind the Revolution controller -- that Nintendo is trying to reduce the major barrier that modern controllers represent to casual gamers -- it's hard not to be supportive of the stupid thing just on principle."

Another powerful piece of media that has changed many opinions has been this demonstration video. This allows us to see the true potential of the revolution controller, something not obvious for a teevee remote look-a-like.


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Another take on the Revolution controller.


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